How does the process of commissioning work from us proceed?

We would generally have a conversation with you about what was proposed and if it seemed mutually beneficial, then a meeting would be set up. This would mostly take place in the client's home or in the workshop. If it was a larger project this meeting might be in an architects office. There is no charges for these initial stages. If it seemed like we might work together, then there would be an initial study to develop a budget and a design concept. These initial meetings are not only for the client to get to know us, but also for us to have input from the client as to their own ideas and so on.

If we all feel that we would like to work together, then we proceed to more detailed plans. For large projects, there would be a fee for these. Every project has a method that is particular to it. We do our best to support the client, in whatever method seems to suit them best.